Small Groups At New Life

Small groups are a great way to explore the message of Jesus and a perfect place to develop lasting friendships.

Each Sunday we provide a series of discussion questions to help you unpack the message with your small group. We believe this is the best way for you to dig deeper into the sermon and that is why they are the focus of our small group discussions. Missed a week? You are always able to download a copy in PDF format on our podcast page.

Small groups are more than this… We encourage our small groups to gather around food and conversation as well as be active in community and global projects. At New Life, our desire is to see everyone become involved in the rewarding dynamics of doing life together in a small group. We have a number of existing groups for people at any age or stage of life, running at various times and days of the week. We’d love to help you find a group that’s right for you.

What Else Do Small Groups Offer?

We all have a need to feel accepted, loved and part of a group of others.

Some days we just need a place where we can rest and be silent and feel safe. Personal boundaries are respected. Confidentiality is a standard.

Everybody counts! As people make new friends in a group, they will discover new things about themselves and each other that will make them friends for life.

We pray for one another’s needs. We believe healing comes physically, emotionally, & spiritually. Small groups are the perfect environment for all three.

Everyone has a story to tell.  Small groups take the time to really listen, to dialogue, and sometimes to counsel.

Concerns that are shared are not ignored.  Everyone is an important part of the group experience, and when someone has a need everyone follows through.  Our “Yes” means yes and our “No” means no.

Groups exists to deepen our knowledge of God‘s Word and its relevancy to our daily lives.  We believe that whether we’re at work, at home, at play… wherever we are… that God has a plan for us and we want to know what that is, and follow it.

“I started attending New Life Church not knowing anyone in Collingwood or in the church. My daughter attended a small group, enjoyed it and suggested I join one. Attending a small group at New Life has changed my life. In small groups you get to know more people and develop close friend. It’s snowballing into meeting friends of friends. I feel comfortable talking with and sitting with my new friends. Small groups are more conductive to learning and participating, therefore I feel comfortable in the discussions. I have a greater understanding of the bible. I look forward to attending another small group!”

Small Group Participant

Consider Joining A Group Or Hosting Your Own

If you would like to join a small group, pick up one of the brochures in the rack at the Connection Centre or email Steve Hall or call the church office. You can also fill out our “Small Groups Form” form below and let us know what your preferences are for a group. Someone will get in touch with you.

If you would like to host a group, we have a training program for you and resources to help support you. Please email Steve Hall or call the church office or fill out our “Small Groups Form” form below. We’ll have someone contact you.