We provide dynamic programs on Sunday mornings for kids, ranging from newborn to grade 4. We partner with families as we help kids grow in their understanding and relationship with Jesus.

What To Expect

In our New Life Kids Sunday morning program, our teachers strive to build loving relationships with your kids, as they model the love of Jesus. The Bible should never be boring, so we use an interactive approach to teaching that involves, games, activities, and effective media tools to bring God’s stories to life. While your children are in our program, we want to make sure these three things stick:

1. I need to make the wise choice.
2. I can trust God no matter what.
3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

We focus on a small group environment, where kids see how God’s Word fits into their lives and helps them develop long-lasting relationships.

Our Child Protection plan is an effective system that ensures the safety of your child. All children must be preregistered prior to our 10:00 am service time. Please consider coming early so we can ensure that your child is settled into our program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety and security are fundamental. 1) We screen every volunteer using our Child Protection Plan. 2) We have approved volunteers in each room to give more one-on-one care to each child. 3) Each room has a fire safety plan posted in case the unthinkable happens and we need to evacuate your children safely from the building. 4) We register your children before the service with a name tag and sign-in process.

Our New Life Kids volunteers are highly dedicated and they see serving the children and families as a privilege. If you’d like to get involved as a children’s ministry volunteer, email us!

For the safety and health of our children, we ask that parents not bring a child into the Children’s Ministry if they have exhibited signs of sickness within the last 24 hours. These signs might include: non-allergic runny nose, fever, diarrhea, or productive cough. This is especially important during the cold season, as sickness is easily transmitted through children’s play and contact. If a child is dropped off and later observed to be showing signs of sickness, we will make every effort to contact the parents for the protection of the other children.

There are signs around the building that can help direct you to your child’s classroom. Volunteers are more than happy to help you locate rooms and answer any questions you may have.

If you would like more information, please send us an email by filling out our contact form or by emailing our Children’s Ministry Director, Kris Stadig, at the following email address: children@newlifecollingwood.com.

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