We provide dynamic programs on Sunday mornings for kids ranging from newborn to grade 4. Our desire is to partner with parents, and help make a great impact on the kids in our New Life community, and in the community around us.

What To Expect

When you walk in the door, you’ll see our New Life Kids check-in table. You can also ask one of the many volunteers serving that Sunday to direct you if you get lost. At the check-in table, you’ll be greeted by a volunteer or staff member who will help you register your children with name tags. If it’s your first time we require you to fill out a child registration and liability release form.

Safety and security matter to us a lot. You child must be registered with a name tag and have a release form filled out to participate in the program. Discover other ways we care in the FAQ section below.

Once you drop your child off, you can head into back into the service. If we need you for any reason (like if your child is really upset and we can’t comfort them), a volunteer will locate you in the service and escort your child back to you or ask for you to come and comfort for your child.

We ask that you promptly pick up your children after the service and encourage you to help them to live out the lesson during the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety and security are fundamental. 1) We screen every volunteer through an strict interview process and require up to date police background checks. 2) We have multiple volunteers in each room to give more one-on-one care to each child. 3) Children are prone to accidents and we have first-aid kits in each room and when accident happens we’ll make sure you know about it as well. 4) Each room has a fire safety plan posted in case the unthinkable happens and we need to evacuate your children safely from the building. 5) We register your children at the beginning of the service with name tags. We do this to make sure only the parent/guardian that came with the child is the one who picks them up.

Our New Life Kids volunteers are highly dedicated, and they see serving the children and families as a privilege. If you’d like to get involved as a children’s ministry volunteer, email us!

For the safety and health of our children, we ask that parents not bring a child into the Children’s Ministry if they have exhibited signs of sickness within the last 24 hours. These signs might include: non-allergic runny nose, fever, diarrhea, or productive cough. This is especially important during the cold season as sickness is easily transmitted through children’s play and contact. If a child is dropped off and later observed to be showing signs of sickness, we will make every effort to contact the parents for the protection of the other children.

There are signs around the building that can help direct you to your child’s classroom. Volunteers are more than happy you locate rooms and answer any questions you have. If you are nervous to ask someone for help or cannot locate the wall signs, simply follow other parents when the children are dismissed during our morning worship service.

For parents who want more information on our program you can send us an email by filing out our contact form or by emailing our Children’s Ministry Director, Kris Stadig, at the following email address: children@newlifecollingwood.com.