Easter Sunday: Breakfast With Jesus

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Easter Sunday: Breakfast with Jesus. Join us for a look at John 21 and how “breakfast with Jesus” leads to the most remarkable life changes.


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Easter Sunday: Breakfast With Jesus

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: April 12, 2020

”Breakfast with Jesus leads to the most remarkable life changes.”
Text: John 21:1-14

1 | Peter’s Story

• Meeting Jesus
• Feeding 5000
• Realizing who Jesus is
• Ready to die for Jesus
• Betraying Jesus 3x
• Restored by Jesus

2 | Resurrection

Text: John 20:1-10
• Peter and other disciples at the empty tomb

3 | Recognition

Text: John 21:4
• Peter didn’t recognize Jesus on the beach

4 | Restoration

Text: John 21:9ff
• Jesus restores Peter to his calling

5 | Realization

Text: John 21:19
• Jesus has Peter’s story and reminds I’m not to worry about others

“As Peter gazes into the fire, feels its warmth, and hears Jesus inviting them to breakfast, the healing of his painful memories begins.” – Willard Swartley, John


6 | What do you need today?

• A sustainable life? Jesus is the bread of life.
• To recognize the Risen Lord? He’s not dead. He’s alive and is ready to give life.
• To be restored to God? You’re not beyond his reach, forgiveness or his restoration.
• To realize your story? He wants you to follow him and he’ll give you your story.

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