A Jesus Creed – Loving Your Neighbour

Loving your neighbour has never been more literal than now. God loves us, and we want to share that love. Listen in as Paul Kiss shares with us how we can go about loving our literal neighbours during this challenging time.


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Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: March 22, 2020

Loving your neighbour has never been more literal than now. Text: Matthew 22:37-39

1 | God Loves Us

Text: Matthew 23:37; 11:28; 5:3-10

Words of encouragement from Jesus.


2 | Let’s Share That Love


Words of instruction from Jesus.

Matthew 5:16; 22:39

How Can You Love Your Literal Neighbours?
• Start a neighbourhood FB group as a way to share ideas, comfort, etc.
• Call your neighbours and see how they are doing. Not long. Just a check-in. Don’t preach at them. Listen to them. Offer help if you can. Offer to pray for them.
• Text an encouragement to them.
• Do the “Neighbourhood 4-Square.” Your neighbour on either side and your neighbour in front and behind. Touch base, Talk. Listen. Pray for them.
• Invite your neighbours outside on drives or lawns – appropriate distancing employed – and just talk.
• Talk with your friends who have kids. Offer to do a time of online chatting with their kids to give parents a break. Can you help do some tutoring?
• Find out about seniors who could use a phone call and call them. Go old-school and make that phone call!
• Sign up on our response team. When the time is right, we will help. We are already being asked to provided meals/food.

1. What is your biggest concern during these uncertain times?
2. What questions are you wrestling with? What information are you still trying to find?
3. How does it help to hear the words of Jesus offered above? What do you find reassuring about them?
4. When you hear Jesus instructing his followers to “let your good deeds shine for all to see so that everyone will praise your Heavenly Father,” what is your response?
5. If loving your neighbour is literal right now, what are you doing to make that real?
6. What have you thought about doing but haven’t tried? Why not?
7. What other ideas could you try – remembering to practice good social distancing?
8. Which one of your neighbours most needs to hear from you today? When will you reach out to them in love?

1. Sign up to our COVID19 Response Team: https://newlifecollingwood.churchcenter.com/groups/service-teams/new-life- covid19-response
2. Do something loving, practical and simple for your literal neighbours this week. If the opportunity arises, tell them why – because you’re sharing God’s love.

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