God’s Broken Heart

God's Broken Heart

Does God give up on us? How does God think and feel about you? And how does this impact your relationship with Him? Join us as Paul Kiss kicks off the New Year with a special message entitled “God’s Broken Heart.” Together we’ll unpack Genesis 6:6 as we explore the depth of God’s love for us. We learn that a heart can only be broken by those it loves. If we can break His heart, it is because God truly does love us.


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God’s Broken Heart

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: January 5, 2020

A heart can only be broken by those it loves. If we can break his heart, it is because God truly does love us. Text: Genesis 6:6

1God can have a broken heart

Text: Genesis 6:6 (Psalm 78:40; Isaiah 63:10)
● Your heart can only be broken by those you love.

2God’s response to broken heart

Text: Genesis 6:18
● God’s response to having his heart broken is to establish covenant.

3How God feels about us

Text: Zephaniah 3:17; Luke 19:41-42
● We often consider what God thinks of us. Consider how he feels about you.

4What is it that breaks God’s heart

Text: Ephesians 4:29-31
● Maybe it’s not what you think.
● How we love others determines our ability to bring God joy, or break his heart.

Warming Up:

1. When you consider your relationship with God do you consider what you think about God or how you feel about God? Explain.
2. What changes within you when you consider how God feels about you rather than what he thinks of you?

Discussing and Learning:

3. Read Genesis 6:1-8. How does the story make you feel? When you consider that God can have a broken heart, how does that affect the way you see him?
4. In these first chapters of Genesis there is a continual theme of order and disorder. Disorder and order in chapter 1. Order and disorder with Adam and Eve. Order and disorder with Cain and Abel. And now disorder and order with Noah. After humanity breaks his heart, how does God reestablish order with Noah? Compare verses 5 to 7 with verses 17 to 22.
5. Compare Genesis 9 with Genesis 1;27-31; 2:15-17. What are the similarities between these two passages in relation to establishing order from disorder? How well can you spot this theme in these early chapters of Genesis?
6. God’s response to having his heart broken it is to create a covenant with humanity through Noah, (Gen. 6:18). How does it feel to know that God will not give up on us? Explain.

Making it Real:

7. How has this sermon and discussion impacted the way you think and feel about your relationship with God?
8. What challenges are you facing in the concept of how God feels about you, or about how you feel about God? What is causing those challenges?

1. Take some time and write a letter to God. Be sure to express how you feel about God and your relationship with him.
2. Pray through the Scriptures that have been highlighted in this sermon. Use them to guide your prayer time and pray through each line, each thought purposefully.

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