Time is precious and always ticking away. Who and what do you make time for and give your attention to? Where in your life is there never enough time? The countdown carries on as we continue our Kingdom Generosity series. Tune in as Paul Kiss explores John 4:39:42 as we focus on examples of Jesus being generosity with time. Together we are reminded that God has all the time for you and He invites you into that time.


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Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: November 10, 2019

God has all the time for you. He invites you into that time. John 4:39:42

1 | Jesus Had An Agenda

John 4:1-4, 43
● But…

2 | He Was Generous With His Time

1. For the woman John 4:5-30
2. For teaching his disciples John 4:31-38
3. For lingering with the people John 4:39-42

3 | God Has All The Time For You

1. He is not rushed when it comes to your personal growth or the growth of the kingdom. Mark 4:26-32

4 | Jesus Invites Us To Enjoy Living Kingdom Time

1. Seeking first his kingdom, requires our time.
2. Kingdom time is not rushed.
3. Kingdom time allows for interruptions. Mark 5:21-43
4. Kingdom time is available for those who are “other.” Mark 5:24-34

5 | Your Response This December

● We are inviting you to consider adjusting your use of time to be more present at New Life this December and to bring others with you. Our series on Portraits of Jesus, is a great opportunity to linger with people around conversations about Jesus.
● Will you make a commitment to live generously on Kingdom time, so that others have a chance to meet Jesus this December?

Warming Up:

1. What is one challenge you face in carving out time so that you can simply “be” for others?
2. Who has made time for you before? What did they do? How did it feel?

Discussing and Learning:

3. Read through John 4:31-38. How does Jesus’ dialogue with the disciples reveal how kingdom time functions compared to the disciples’ awareness of time? What are their priorities compared to those of Jesus?
4. Read Luke 5:15-16. What does Jesus do when there is more demand for his time? What is significant about this practice? Cf. Mark 1:32-35; 6:30-34.
5. Back to John 4:39-42. Jesus stayed two days with a people group who did not have good relations with the Jewish people. What happens as a result of his willingness to go to Samaria, enter this town, talk with this woman and stay with these people? What lessons are there in this story for us to learn? Cf. 4:35-38 again.

Making it Real:

6. How does it feel to know that God always has time for you?
7. What is God saying to you about your understanding and use of time?
8. Will you make a commitment to live generously on Kingdom time, so that others have a chance to meet Jesus this December? Will you plan to be with us each Sunday? Explain. Who will you bring with you?

1. Make a commitment to attending every Sunday in December, and Christmas Eve, and to bring people with you.
2. Sit with the following verses, Mark 4:26-32, and ask God to show you how times works within his Kingdom and what that means for you.

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