Jesus and Youth

How does Jesus view youth and young adults? What role does the church have in the lives of the next generation? And how are we to carry out this calling? Join in this week and listen as Paul Kiss takes us back in time to 1 Timothy 4:7-16 as we look at the life of Timothy as the Apostle Paul speaks into his life. Together, we learn that we must see the potential of our youth and invest in them for the future of the church.


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Jesus and Youth

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: August 25, 2019

We must see the potential of our youth and invest in them for the future of the church. Text: 1 Timothy 4:7-16 (vs 12)

1. Physical Training and Spiritual Training

2. Set an example as a young person

3. Let’s get behind our young adults and teens

Warming Up:
1. Share a time from your youth, when you learned a life lesson the hard way, or from a wiser, more experienced person.

Discussing and Learning:
2. Read 1Timothy 4:7-13. What are the two things Paul tells Timothy not to do? What would be the value of this advice?
3. What are the things Paul encourages Timothy to do? What is their significance?
4. Vs 12 – How does being an example for people to help them, compared to simply telling them what to do? What are some examples of modeling things like “love, faith, purity.” (Note: Paul’s reference to purity may be in contrast to the false teachers he is mentioning in 4:1-5).

Making it Real:
5. In what ways do you sometimes dismiss young people because of their age? Why?
6. How could we encourage our teens and young adults to live out their love, faith, and purity?

1. Go to and try out the site.
2. Contact Paul about supporting our teens and young adults at New Life in tangible ways.

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