Easter: It’s About Time

How does Easter encourage you in your faith? For many it is the cross and the empty tomb that
make up the good news of Easter. Together we look at how the cross of Good Friday and the
resurrection on Easter Sunday are confirmation that “It is finished.” Listen as Paul Kiss digs into
John 19:30 as we learn that while it is finished, we still have work to do.


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Easter: It’s About Time

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: March 31, 2019

The resurrection is the confirmation that, “It is finished.”
Text: John 19:30

1. “It is finished!” What was finished?

Text: John 19:28-30
● Jesus’ mission – vs 28. What was his mission?
● He came to show us God’s love.
● He came to save us from sin.
● He came to set up God’s kingdom.
● He came to shut down religion.

2. “It is finished,” but he wasn’t.

Text: John 20-21

3. “It is finished,” and He’s still here!

● He is not a distant God who was. He is a present God who is.
● Let Jesus finish the work in your life that you’ve been trying to do.

4. It is finished and we have work to do.

● As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you. – John 20:22

1. How does Easter encourage you in your faith?
2. Jesus talked a lot about doing the “work of God.” Read the following
passages and discuss how they add to his declaration, “It is finished.” John 4:34; 5:17; 5:36;
10:25-38; 14:10-11; 17:4.
3. “The empty tomb and the cross together make up the good news. You
cannot have one without the other.” What is your response to this statement?
4. How does John 1:29 connect with John 19:28-30? This “Lamb of God” is
connected to the Passover Lamb, John 13:1. The Passover Lamb was associated with
deliverance and freedom. Discuss the implications of this. (Cf. Exodus 12).
5. How could our group engage in the work that we have been sent to do?
Cf. John 20:21.
6. What “work” is there in your life that you need to let Jesus finish? Share if
you’re comfortable doing so.

1. Throw an Easter Celebration in the next couple weeks (even though it
might be late) and invite your friends and/or family over. Treat it like it’s as big as a Christmas
celebration. Be creative.
2. Read John 18-21 to fill in the rest of the story of Jesus’ death and

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