Why The World Needs Prophets

What are prophets? Who are they? What do they really do? People often equate prophets or prophecy with predicting the future. Listen as Paul Kiss kicks off our new series, Ancient Words. We’ll focus on Matthew 1:22-23 as we journey together to learn that the world needs prophets, because they point to reality and to Jesus.


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Why the World Needs Prophets

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: December 2, 2018

The world needs prophets. They point to reality and to Jesus. Text: Matthew 1:22-23

The world needs prophets. (Just not too many)

Text: Matthew 1:22-23

The blessing of prophets:

1. They point out what the rest of us are usually missing.
2. They are not afraid to give bad news.
3. But they also give good news.

i. Hope instead of despair.

ii. Comfort in the midst of disaster.

iii. Invitation to turn back to God and his blessings.


The prophets point us to Jesus.

Text: Isaiah 7:14; 9:1-7

1. People often equate prophets or prophecy with predicting the future. Why do you think that is?
2. The prophets were willing to tell people the truth about their reality, even though it was unpopular and caused them much grief. What is good about this approach? How might this also be a negative approach to helping people?
3. In Matthew 1 and 2, he quotes from the prophets 4 times (1:23; 2:6; 2:15; 2:18) and makes reference to them an additional time, (2:23). Use your footnotes to look up the references to those quotations. Who is he quoting? What is being said? How does this help Matthew’s message?
4. Read Isaiah 7 to get an idea of the context of the chapter. How is verse 14 significant in light of that context? What do you think – was Isaiah referring to someone in his own time, or was he specifically thinking about Jesus who would come 750 years later? Why might this matter?
5. How does this passage in Isaiah 7, or in 9:1-7 bring hope to people who were struggling with their situation in the world?
6. How might these words of Isaiah help people today who are struggling with their current situation in life? (Consider the political, economic and cultural things taking place today).
7. Based on whatever knowledge you have, discuss how the prophets like Isaiah can lead us to Jesus. Don’t just look for the obvious “predictions.” How does their overall message point us to Jesus? Do your best to dialogue about this but don’t get stuck on it if you’re not sure.

1. Read the book of Isaiah over the course of the next week or two. Try to outline the totality of his message. Try not to refer to any resources to help you. What do you think it is? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you along in this process.
2. Watch this overview video about the book of Isaiah. Watch Video Here (Try to do #1 before you watch this and compare your outline of Isaiah with theirs).

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