Join the Family

Loneliness and a desire for belonging is a big trend in our society today. People are longing for community and in today’s message we learn from Romans 12:1-5 that Jesus calls us to join the family. Paul Kiss shares that following Jesus includes a radical commitment to one another. We are called to help everyone feel like they belong and to understand what that means.


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Join the Family

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: September 23, 2018

Following Jesus includes a radical commitment to one another. Text: Romans 12:1-5

The Table


Your Bodies

Text: Romans 12:1
—● Give your bodies to God…


Text: Romans 12:2
—● Don’t copy the behaviour of this world…


Text: Romans 12:3
—● Don’t think you are better than you really are.

The Body

Text: Romans 12:4-5
—● We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.

“Believing in Jesus, belonging to the church, and behaving in a new way become real in the context of community.” – Palmer Becker

1. What are your thoughts about loneliness and belonging in our society today?
2. Belonging indicates a mutual responsibility for and accountability to one another. What excites you about that thought? What troubles you about that thought?
3. In order to understand Romans 12:1-5 better, it’s helpful to read what comes before it. You can’t read chapters 1-11 at your HC, so just read 11:25-36. How does this add to your understanding of what Paul calls us to do in 12:1-5?
4. Every time you read the word “you” in Romans 12:1-5, it is in the 2nd person plural. This isn’t just about you as a person, but “you, the church.” How does this change the way we can and should read this passage? What are the implications?
5. Our desire for people to “Join the family,” is to help everyone feel like they belong and to understand what that means. What does this phrase mean to you personally? (Join the family).
6. Not everyone connects in the same way. i.e. – Not everyone feels the need to join a Home Church. How then, can we create a community where everyone can have a sense of belonging? What other options could we consider?

1. Watch the YouTube video of the Zac Brown band playing, “Family Table.” [watch here]
2. If you’re not plugged into Home Church, give it a try.
3. If you think you could host a new Home Church, let us know.
4. If you would like to lead a Home Church, ask about our process for doing that.

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