Helping People Find Jesus

Life is a highway and people are cruising down it looking for meaning and purpose in life. Listen as Paul Kiss explores what the difference is between making disciples and making converts. People are searching and we are called to help them find Jesus. He gave us a plan to do this. We’ll unpack Matthew 28:16-20 as we explore what this plan is and how we put it into action.


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Helping People Find Jesus

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: September 9, 2018

Help people find Jesus. Text: Matthew 28:16-20

1. People are searching


2. Help them find Jesus


3. He gave us a plan to do this: Text: Matthew 28:16-20

A. Start with Jesus vs. 18

“I have been given all authority…therefore, go.”

B. Make Disciples (not converts) vs. 19-20
● Who identify with Jesus and his family

“baptize them.”

● Who learn to live his ethics

“teach them to obey all my commands.”

C. End with Jesus vs. 20
● Live with his assurance

“I am with you always…”


1. “People are searching for meaning and purpose in life but don’t see the church as offering anything meaningful.” How do you respond to that statement?
2. When you hear the phrase, “Helping people find Jesus,” how does that make you feel? Why?
3. Read Daniel 7:13-14; Isaiah 9:6-7; Luke 4:16-21. How do these relate to Matthew 28:18 and what Jesus claims about authority? What does that mean for us then?
4. What is the difference between making disciples and making converts? What should we keep in mind when considering Jesus’ command to make disciples?
5. When Jesus asks us to teach new disciples, he puts the emphasis on ethics, not theology, (“teach them to obey all my commands”). How has the church typically looked at the idea of teaching? How would you sum up the commands that Jesus gave us, if someone wanted to know which ones were most important?
6. Thinking through Jesus’ plan for making disciples, where do we need to consider making changes? What should we stop doing? What should we start doing?

1. Watch the music video by Nickelback, “Savin’ Me.” [watch here]
2. Share your answers to #6 from above (

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