Love the Sinner…

Thanks for listening to today’s podcast, which is the final sermon of our July Summer Series. The message, delivered by Aaron White, discusses how we should look at our own sins before judging others for their sins. Key verses are from Matthew 7:1-6.


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Love The Sinner…

Speaker: Aaron White
Date: July 29, 2018

1. What is one “Life Question” or “God Question” you’d love to have answered?
2. What is one of Jesus’ many questions you love thinking about?
3. Have you ever heard of any other Jesus’ quotes you feel like the majority of people get wrong; what is it?
4. Why do you think many people tend to look at the sin of others before they look at themselves?
5. How can we ever know with certainty that we see clearly enough to take out specks in other people?

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