Worship: Jesus The Lamb

Worship, what is it? Why is it central to the Book of Revelation? What does worship even accomplish? Why is it important? Listen as Paul Kiss unpacks Revelation chapters 4 and 5. Together we’ll learn that worship is more than just music. It’s about following Jesus, The Lamb, and living his way. Worshipping the Lamb, in the way of the Lamb, is the central theme of the entire book of Revelation.


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Worship: Jesus The Lamb

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: May 20, 2018

Worshipping the Lamb, in the way of the Lamb, is the central theme of the entire book of Revelation.

1. Worship is Central

Johns’ Description of worshipping the One on the throne – Rev. 4
1. Rev. 4:2 – God’s majesty – He is on the throne.
2. Rev. 4:5-6 – God’s power and authority – Lightning and thunder.
3. Rev. 4:8,11 – How he helps humanity – He created and sustains life.
4. Rev. 4:11 – God’s glory – He’s worthy of glory and honour and power.
John’s Description of worshipping the Lamb, also on the throne, in Rev. 5
1. Rev. 5:5 – Lamb’s majesty – He too is on the throne.
2. Rev. 5:6 – Lamb’s power and authority – 7 horns = strength; eyes = knowledge.
3. Rev. 5:8-9 – Lamb helps humanity – He ransomed people for God.
4. Rev. 5:12-13 – Lamb’s glory – He too is worthy of glory, honour, power.

2. “You Gotta Serve Somebody” (Dylan)

John gives many reasons why we should worship the Lamb.
—● 5:9-13 – The Lamb has ransomed all humanity for God.
—● 7:9-10 – Our salvation comes from the God and the Lamb.
—● 7:14 – The Lamb is the one who purifies God’s people who follow him.
—● 12:11 – Our victory over evil comes through the blood of the Lamb.
—● 13:8 – The Book of Life belongs to the Lamb.
—● 14:1-4 – The Lamb is the One in charge on Mt. Zion. Follow him.
—● 14:10, (6:16) – The Lamb is the One who will judge humanity.
—● 15:3 – We sing to the Lamb and praise him for what he has done.
—● 17:14 – The Lamb will conquer those powers who war against him.
—● 19:7-9 (21:9) – The Lamb unites himself with his people, his church.
—● 21:22-23 – The Lamb, along with the Father is fully present with his people.
—● 22:3 – Life is no longer cursed because of the Lamb and his rightful rule.

3. What Worship Accomplishes

A. We become Grounded/Centred
B. Community is Strengthened
C. Reality is Established
D. Hope is Increased

“True Christian worship clarifies where our ultimate loyalties are and should be. Worship reminds us that we don’t owe our ultimate loyalties to ourselves, our colleges, our sports teams, our nations, our human rulers or even to the human race in general, but rather to God in Christ,” Ben Witherington 3rd.

1. What new things have you been learning about how to read Revelation? How have these helped you?
2. In what ways does the central theme of worship make Revelation a hopeful book?
3. Read Rev. 14:1-4. What does John tell us about the Lamb and those who follow him, in these verses? (Read various versions to get clarity on vs. 4 and purity).
4. 14:1-4 still. John emphasizes that the Lamb overcomes, (“standing on Mt. Zion”), through non-violent means, through his death or self-sacrifice, (5:6). We are called to follow the way of the Lamb. How convinced are you that a life of non-violence is central to the book of Revelation? To Christian discipleship? Why/Why not?
5. How might the idea of worshipping the Lamb, through following the way of the Lamb, influence the way we view evangelism, (directing people to the Lamb)?
6. Our call is to worship the Lamb, not the world. But we are still to be “in the world.” We’re not separatists. How can we maintain allegiance to God yet remain engaged with our world? What guidelines can help us maintain faithfulness to Jesus?

1. Worship is not just about singing. It’s about following Jesus and living his way. List all the ways it is possible to “worship” the Lamb. How are these reflected in your life?
2. Now, embrace music as worship. Listen to worship music, play an instrument, or sing or dance your heart out. Take some time to praise God through music, in your own way. Join in with others or on your own. Worship the Lamb!

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