Being Heard & seen

Have you ever felt tired? Have you been in situations you’ve felt trapped in? Do you feel loved? Where is God in the midst of all of this? Journey with us as Paul Kiss explores Genesis 16 during this special Mother’s Day message. Together we’ll learn that God hears us, sees us and visits us – even when we’re not looking for him.


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Being Heard and Seen

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: May 13, 2018

When we’re feeling trapped, tired and unloved, God hears us, sees us and visits us – even when we’re not looking for him.

1. Hagar: Unloved, Unappreciated, Unwanted

Text: 16:1-6

2. A Conversation in the Wilderness

Text: 16:7-12

3. Heard, Seen, Hearing, Seeing

Text: 16:13-15

“As Bible-study facilitator one of my most important roles is to help people identify parallels between their stories and the place, characters, and happenings in the text. Since most texts express within themselves opposing theologies, my role is to help clarify the oppositions in such a way that people can more easily hear the liberating Word in the narrative.”Bob Ekblad: Reading the Bible With the Damned

1. What changes start to show up in your behaviour when you’re tired out or worn down with life?
2. Talk about a time in life when you maybe felt like running away from it all.
3. What parallels are there in Hagar’s life compared to yours?
4. Read Genesis 12:1-3. What promise and instruction does God give Abram and Sarai? What image of God would Hagar have received from them in the way they interacted with her?
5. Where else in the Bible does God interact with and bless people who weren’t the right kind of people, in the right place? How can these examples, including Hagar, guide us in the way we can view “others?”
6. What are some things we can do, as a community, to ensure we’re being a blessing to the Hagar’s of this world, instead of painting a poor image of God?

1. Find a well in the wilderness, sit there and wait for God to show up. (Just checking to see if anyone reads these. ; )
2. Watch the following clip from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and consider the parallels to Hagar’s story: watch here.

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