The Blind Man And Zacchaeus

What is your perspective? Does your view match those of Jesus? Listen as Paul Kiss launches our series, A Little Perspective as we look at Luke 19:1-94:13-18. What is the good news is these stories? Through this message we’ll learn there is justice for the oppressed and mercy for the oppressors.

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The Blind Man and Zacchaeus: Oppressed and Despised

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: March 4, 2018

Good news! Justice for the oppressed and mercy for the oppressors.

1. What is the good news?

2. A Blind Beggar

Luke 18:35-43

3. A Despised Taxman

Luke 19:1-10

4. Reading from a new perspective

Luke 19:1-10

(Questions 4 and 8 are important to answer)
1. When you read the Bible, and stories like the Blind Man and Zacchaeus, which person do you typically see yourself as?
2. “If the good news isn’t good news for everyone, it isn’t good news for anyone.” What is your response to that statement?
3.Read Luke 18:35-19:10. In these two stories, Jesus interacts with the crowd and an individual. How does the crowd treat each person before that person meets Jesus and how do they treat them after? List what you find.
4. What is the crowd’s reaction to Jesus after his engagement with the blind man compared to after his engagement with Zacchaeus? What changed? Why?
5. How does Jesus describe the evidence for salvation in relation to Zacchaeus? What does he include? What isn’t included? Compare this with Luke 15:11-31.
6. How does Luke 19:10 encapsulate the “good news,” for everyone. Go back to question #2.
7. Read the passage again and ask yourself this question. How am I like the blind man? How am I like Zacchaeus? Share your answer.
8. How willing are we to take on the criticism of the crowd, in order to restore a despised person/people to God? (Like Jesus did for Zacchaeus).

1. In our region, who gets treated like the Blind Man and who gets treated like Zacchaeus? Consider one thing you could do this week/month to bring them good news.
1. Reread these two stories in Luke 18 & 19 each day, and in each reading, focus on a different character to reflect on how the good news of Jesus affects them.


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