High Places

Have you ever reached a high place in life and lost focus and misplaced your devotion? Lean in and hear Paul Kiss continue our Tempted series as we explore Luke 4:5-8. In today’s message Jesus shows us that our “high places” can become a temptation to misplaced devotion.

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Tempted: High Places

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: January 14, 2018

Our “high places” can become a temptation to misplaced devotion.

1. High Places of Desire

Text: Luke 4:5

2. The Temptation of High Places

Text: Luke 4:6

3. The Problem with High Places

Text: Luke 4:7

4. Remembering God

Text: Luke 4:8; (Matthew 28:18; John 17:1-5)

1. What was your greatest goal 10 years ago? Did you achieve it? How?
2. What current goals and ambitions do you have at this stage in your life?
3. How might our goals and ambitions cause us to “forget God,” or turn away from him and others?
4. In verses 5-7, the devil addressed Jesus’ desire for recognition and praise by taking him to a high place. What is your “high place” where temptation might be strongest?
5. Talk about how this high places temptation relates to the previous one – stones to bread. What’s different? What’s similar?
6. Read Matthew 28:18 and John 17:1-5. How do these verses help us understand the temptation of Jesus for authority and glory (or splendour)?
7. How can we, as a community of Christ followers, help one another to resist the temptations of high places? What do you need to do? What can the community do to help?

1. Write down your list of goals and ambitions and take some time to consider how these might actually be leading you away from God. Now consider how you could let them turn you to God instead. If you can’t, you might need new goals.
2. Sit down with a trusted friend and ask them what they think your “high places” are; the places where you are most likely to be tempted to turn away from God.


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