Mary: Seeking Justice

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the New Life Sermon Podcast. Today’s scripture is from Luke 1: 46-56. As you listen to Pastor Paul in this podcast, it is our prayer that you find yourself drawn closer to Jesus and your relationship with him, wherever you are in that journey. We hope you enjoy the podcast. Thanks for tuning in.

Mary: Seeking Justice

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: December 10, 2017

We have plans for the world around us. So does God and it often involves a “yes” from us.

1. Mary’s political world.

• Herod the Great:
• Caesar Augustus:

2. Mary’s revolutionary song.

Text: Luke 1:46-56; Isaiah 11; 2 Samuel 7:1-17

3. God’s plan was bigger than Mary’s.

1. How often have you thought of Mary’s song as part of the Christmas story? Why or why not?
2. Read Isaiah 11:1-6,12 and 2 Samuel 7:11-13. How do these factor into what Mary sings in Luke 1:48-55? What are the similarities?
3. Mary’s song has often been used as a rallying cry for the oppressed through the centuries. How might this song encourage the poor and the oppressed today?
4. As you consider our day and society, to whom might vs. 51-53 be referring? Who are the proud, the rulers, the humble, the hungry, and the rich today?
5. Mary thought that a political change would solve all their problems? God had bigger plans for the redemption of the world. What lessons might this have for us as we consider what our region “needs”?
6. What could we do to grow in our awareness of what God wants to do for this region?
7. What are the possibilities that God just might want to work through us to achieve those ends? How should we respond?

1. Listen to the radio and pay attention to how often “solutions” are given to our world’s, country’s, region’s problems. (This is what Mary was doing). Ponder what God’s plan might be for these problems and how the church has a part in it all.
2. Sit down with a Catholic and ask them to explain to you their understanding of who Mary is and how the church is to view her. Don’t argue or judge. Just listen and try to understand. Ask questions for clarification but do so with respect for them. After, take some time to dwell on what you learned.


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