Mary: Living by Faith

Thanks for listening to today’s podcast, the first in our Mary Christmas series. The message by Paul Kiss examines Mary’s visit from the angel Gabriel and illustrates how sometimes faith comes at great cost to ourselves, but the outcomes can be earth-shattering. Key verses are from Luke 1:26-38.

Mary: Living by Faith

Speaker: Paul Kiss
Date: December 3, 2017

Sometimes faith comes at great cost to ourselves, but the outcomes can be earth-shattering.

1. What happened to Mary?

2. Trouble on the horizon.

Luke 1:26-38

3. “May it be to me.”

Luke 1:38

1. When you think of the Virgin Mary, what thoughts or images come to mind?
2. Protestants have tended to neglect or ignore anything about Mary, as a reaction to Catholicism. What are some treasures we have lost as a result of this neglect?
3. “The job of any preacher, it seems to me, is not to dismiss the Annunciation because it doesn’t appeal to modern prejudices but to remind congregations of why it might still be an important story” (Kathleen Norris). What is your response to this statement? Why is it still important?
4. Read Luke 1:26-38. The angel’s news would turn Mary’s world upside down but she was able to say, “May it be to me as you have said.” How did she come by such faith?
5. Luke is tying in this account with the Old Testament prophets to help people see that Mary is a bridge of the Old and New Covenant, by agreeing to God’s plan. Read Zephaniah 3:14-17 and Luke 1:28-31. What are the similarities in these two passages showing this connection?
6. What is one thing that inspires you about Mary’s faith?
7. What is God saying to you about your own faith, through her story?

1. Go online and look up paintings of the Virgin Mary. Take note of what you observe in them and compare them with the biblical portrait of Mary? What are the similarities and differences? How does the art move you to see Mary in a new light?
2. Put yourself in Mary’s shoes (men, try harder), and consider what it would be like if it were you receiving this announcement of Luke 1:26-38? How would you respond based on the faith you have today? What fears would you have? Questions? How would you handle this news?


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